Jamie Bruce

jamie-bruce-frontIt’s surprising to think that Jamie Bruce was indeed classically trained as a youngster, furthermore that he spent his formative years in the school choir. See, this is no ‘voice of an angel’ tale as Jamie stands at six and a half foot tall and has a voice that sounds like he has smoked a hundred cigarettes before breakfast.

Now into his fifteenth year as a professional, Jamie has performed as a lead vocalist, backing singer and played with some of the best covers bands in the business. He proudly draws comparisons to some of his heroes too; mentions of Joe Cocker, Paul Weller and Eddie Vedder do not get taken lightly.

His voice is testimony to this, not only in the high-end roughness, but his ability to merge it with intricate harmonies and a soft sweet falsetto.

With a list of gigs and shows way too long to mention, Jamie really has performed at the highest level, however perhaps the pinnacle was supporting Bon Jovi at the London O2 with The Velvet Hearts (alongside John James Newman - The Voice 2012) or recording in Detroit with award-winning producers Mark and Brian Pastoria who themselves have been responsible on production duties for Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, Eminem, Ben Folds and Missy Elliott to name but a few.

Studio time aside, it is certainly no secret that the live arena is where he shines. He embraces the live performance; the showman emerges and he displays all the aspects that you would come to expect from a musician, not only in demand but who is right on top of his game.

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